Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astrascans?
Astrascans is a free platform where users can share and discover different works from the manga, manhua and manhwa universe. Scantrad teams can share here their translations of projects not legally available in French. Astrascans is the new name and new site of JAPANREAD

What is manga, manhua, manhwa???

Manga is the name given to a comic strip in Japan. (Mostly in black and white and paper format)
The manhua is a Chinese comic. (Often in color and in webtoon format. And you’ll never get a sex scene due to Chinese censorship currently in effect)
The manhwa is a Korean comic strip. (Often in color and in webtoon format.)
The comics is a comic strip of English origin.
The doujinshi is a manga made by an amateur author taking characters from popular series and placing them in other contexts and situations.

Can I share what I want or are there any restrictions?

You do not have the right to post works licensed by legal sites, commercially available manga chapters, child pornography content. However, chapters not or no longer marketed are authorized. We also remind you that chapters for advertising purposes only (Discord, site, etc.) are not allowed.

What is dismissal?

It is when an official site or a publishing house buys the rights to a work and publishes it legally on its site or in print. At that time, the work is protected by French copyright laws, and continuing to translate them could result in penalties.
My project has just been dismissed, what do I do?
I’m changing the status of this one and I’m informing the staff by sending a message to Grandpa directly from your mailbox.
If one or more of your projects are licensed, please indicate the links of the site as well as the links to the page of the publisher who acquired the license.

Can I publish my novel translations?

Yes. Astrascans has the necessary functionalities for the publication of novels.

Why create an account ?

In order to be able to manage your readings, leave comments, receive notifications when chapters of your favorite series are released, add chapters for contributors, be part of the Astrascans community…

How can I be notified when a chapter is released?

When you have an account, you can subscribe to the projects you read and thus receive notifications when a chapter is released.

When I read, the images are cut off, what should I do?

When playing a chapter, you can customize the playback interface by going to settings while playing a chapter. Choose the continuous mode and so all the images will be one after the other and you will just have to do a vertical swipe to read the chapter.